Game Bonus

The origins of blackjack are the subject of many controversies. Some historical analysts are claiming that the game was invented in France during the 17th century. However, there is another group of passionate players claiming that the game was invented in Spain under the name of 21.

One thing is for certain: the blackjack groups of were numerous even then. The players tried to attract some established blackjack specialists on their side by offering blackjack bonuses. Of course, there is a huge difference between those bonuses and the online rewards offered by casinos today, but this method can be considered as a first attempt to offer blackjack signup rewards.

The virtual blackjack game

Blackjack is also connected with the appearance of the first calculation machines. We are not talking about the modern computers that you can find today in every home. We are talking about some huge machines occupying an entire room that could only calculate a limited number of possibilities. Roger Baldwin can be considered a pioneer of blackjack counting methods, as he published the first book stating that there is a connection between mathematics and blackjack. The book was published in 1953, long before the release on Edward Thorp's "Optimum Strategy in blackjack."

The casinos tried to find methods to prevent players from using those methods. They offered some consistent signup bonuses for those players that agreed to switch sides. Every live casino needs some good players as employers. A player of this kind would appear at any table where the casino is losing, equilibrating the balance.

Card Counting

Since those times, the subject of house edge was controversial. The players were saying that the casinos were using illegal strategies and rigged decks for the game, while the casinos were accusing the players of cards counting methods. In 1962, Edward Thorp released his most important book based on blackjack cards counting method, recognizing officially the use of cards counting by casino players.

In our modern online world, the counting method is obsolete and it can't be applied. Don't think about using this technique in the internet casinos. Find a casino that gives you an important signup bonus, take advantage of the advanced VIP programs, and find some great players to learn form.

Of course, every casino must give you an important online blackjack signup bonus, but this is not the only method to decide. Make sure the casino also has a large gamma of pokers and video slots, as you will surely be tempted to try those entertaining games after a while.