The basic blackjack principle is simple: to get 21. This is only a theoretical concept. First, you will need to have a higher sum than the dealer has. Second, you will need to have a total under 21. Having 22 or more means to burst and you are automatically out of the game. However, the California blackjack gives you the possibility to win even if you have a burst, as long as your dealer has a greater sum than yours.

Considering the huge amount of information on this topic, blackjack is easy to learn. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on useless strategies developed by some "blackjack professionals." Think about it: if a player would win 10 000 dollars a night from blackjack, he wouldn't be motivated to sell his main strategy for 100 dollars online. Sites promising you 20 000 dollars on a single night are surely scam.


Blackjack is also used by beginners to learn the principles of online casinos. The payouts are 2:1 or 3:2, the cards combinations are limited, and there is a huge amount of information on this topic. Therefore, it is advisable for people that are trying to make a name in other casino games to try blackjack at the beginning. The majority of players would love this game instantly, so they won't be tempted to go for another game later.

A unique characteristic of the blackjack online game is the fact that the house edge is changing considering the experience of the player. For the low stakes tables, the house edge would only be 2 to 3 percent, and for advanced tournaments would only get to 5 or 6 percent. This is surely better than gambling on horse races where you would have a house edge of 20 % or even more.

Multi-deck blackjack

In the majority of online casinos, you will have the possibility to play multi-deck blackjack. Some players would see this as an advantage, as there are more Aces and royal cards, while others would see it as a disadvantage, because the strategies are harder to apply on multi hand blackjack. It is recommended to try the multi-decks blackjack at the beginning, as you won't be so familiar with the advanced strategies, and you could switch to the single deck blackjack if you are convinced you can handle it.

Find only effective strategies developed by the best blackjack players. Again, you won't have to pay money for this. The experienced players are trying to attract more beginners to the game by offering free effective strategies. Find a winning method of this kind and stick with it until you develop some strategies of your own.