The people who are not familiar with blackjack would think that this table game is only based on luck. If you were looking at the hall of fames of the major online casinos, you would see the same players on the first places every day. Needless to say that they can't stay up there based only on luck. Blackjack implies some advanced strategies, and only the best online players could master them perfectly.

Card counting

Some online casinos would try to prevent the technique of cards counting online. Therefore, the cards are given to the players faced down, and a player can't see the cards of other players. Moreover, the game is played with more decks of cards, and the decks are shuffled after every session.

As the technique of cards counting can't be applied online, the players are trying to find some other smart strategies. Most of them are connected with money management systems

Money management systems

Most of money management strategies could be applied the same for every casino game. For blackjack, you must take a different approach. This is because the game only gives you the possibility to double your initial bet, or to get a 3:2 payout for a natural blackjack.

Beginners would try to find online strategies to help them in getting a decent bankroll. This is not a wrong idea, but they would surely find the Martingale strategy first. It is a big trap. The method seems flawless at the beginning, but you will end up losing some serious money with it. The casinos are trying to prevent players to win with this strategy; therefore, their algorithms are programmed to give bad cards to the players that are using it. Don't be surprised if the casino would make you lose 10 hands in a row. Quit this useless strategy and try something more effective.

The opposite strategy of Martingale is used successfully by the majority online players. It is considered a positive progressive method, as it encourages you to bet more while you are winning.

It doesn't matter what kind of strategy you are using, as long as you are sticking with your initial plan. If you proposed yourself to win 100 dollars during a night, leave the table as soon as you have that sum in your bankroll. Being greedy is the main reason for people losing money on gambling. Don't be one of them. Be a smart player, use the basic strategy effectively, and use the advanced strategies only if you are convinced about them.