Parlay Betting System

The Parlay schemes are elaborated and meticulous. However, a good scheme of this kind might bring a lot of money, therefore there are some web masters using it.

How it works

The scheme is connected with online reputation. Building a website is not so hard these days. Therefore, some scammers could pretend they are established players in a casino game such as poker or blackjack. Moreover, they will also create a Facebook and a Twitter account, using some black hat methods to attract fans. Of course, their website will also be filled up with proves about the player, proves of some great tournaments won.

The player would also be helpful with the beginners. He would offer free casino lessons, he would answer in time on any request, and he would try to create a general positive image about himself.

At a later stage, he would propose all his fans to give him some money to participate to some exclusive tournament. As we are talking about small sums, the fans would trust the scammer with their money. The player would "win" the tournament, giving the money back doubled or even tripled to the small investors. Of course, that money would also come up from other players depositing on the site. As soon as the scammer would get enough money, the site will be closed and he would disappear.

Fake casinos

The method presented in the last section is not so common. However, a fake casino or a clone could be created easily. Those casinos are created by some great webmasters, and sometimes the fake site would come up higher on Google searches than the original site. A casino of this kind won't be online for more than two or three days, as this is a major offence, and the webmasters would risk some serious jail time. However, a fake site looking good could attract thousands of players in a single day; therefore, the scammers could win a lot of money with this method.

Small but effective scams

The simplest methods to win some dirty money using get-rich quick schemes would only imply a few dollars. The technique is based on selling "good" casino strategies, as many beginners would buy them. However, those schemes could easily be found free on other sites, therefore, spending money on them is useless. Moreover, this is not an illegal scheme, it is only cheating. The site could stay online for a long time, bringing lots of money to the webmaster.

There are also other schemes designed to cheat casino players, and you would have to notice them by reading lots of casino reviews and blogs. This way, you can be sure you won't be left with an empty bank account.