Sign Up Bonus

The simple online bonus means that the casino would give you a fixed sum of money for joining. Usually, this method is applied by the smallest casinos that couldn't afford to give away too much money as a signup bonus. However, check the terms and conditions, as you would have some surprises about wagering.

The percentage bonus is a percentage of your first deposit. If your casino gives you "up to 500 %" bonus, it means that 1000 dollars would easily turn up into 6000 dollars. As the concept might sound simple, you could have problems in withdrawing that money because of wagering conditions.

Wagering considerations

You shouldn't leave a site just because it offers you 50 dollars as a fixed signup fee. Those dollars might be available immediately, and this is a huge advantage over other casinos.

Some "smart" players would sign up for a certain site offering 500 % bonus fee thinking about a quick buck. They would think about withdrawing that money immediately after depositing, but they will have a huge disappointment: the site would request them to wager 20 000 dollars before they could access those 5000 bonus dollars.

What is this about? Well, the site forces you to gamble 20 000 dollars before requesting those money. "No problem, you would say, I will deposit another 20 000 dollars and then I would leave with all the 26 000 dollars". Again, this is a wrong approach. The site asks you to gamble 20 000 dollars, not to deposit them. This way, the site is assured that it would claim its house edge. Furthermore, you will also loose an important part of those 20 000 dollars at gambling tables. In the majority of cases, the player would turn up as a looser, and we are not talking about losing a few dollars.

This is why you should read the terms and conditions for every casino. Sometimes, a bonus of 50 dollars might be available immediately; therefore, it is more attractive than 5000 virtual dollars that you won't ever be able to withdraw.

The best method to choose your simple or percentage bonus is to read the reviews carefully. Those reviews will surely tell you everything about a certain bonus, and they would also help you to choose the best bonus of a certain kind.

Some casinos would have a great poker section, while the blackjack section sucks badly. This is why you won't need to sign up for a certain casino just because you heard it is good. Read the reviews about your favorite casino game and make sure you are choosing the best website for your gambling needs.