Oscar's Grind


It is mostly surprising that a craps player managed to develop such an effective strategy on…blackjack. However, the player always tried to convince the online casino world that there is a connection between those games. Here are his arguments:

  1. Craps and blackjack are table games. Both casino games would only offer limited cards or dices combinations, therefore mathematics and statistics could be applied
  2. you can burst on both games (on craps, you would burst by getting a sum of 7 or 11 on dices, on blackjack, you would burst with a sum higher than 21)
  3. Craps and blackjack are played against the dealer. Even if those games could be played with more than one player at the table, he would only compete against the dealer. Therefore, you could consider them solitary games.
  4. Mathematics could be applied for blackjack, statistics for craps. Therefore, there is a connection between exact sciences and those casino games.


The Oscar blackjack system is a positive progressive system. The method is called this way because it encourages the player to bet more while he is winning. Those methods are more effective than the negative progressive systems, as they are suited even for small bankrolls. Moreover, the casinos aren't so happy about players using negative systems, so they would try to discourage those players by giving them bad cards.

If you want to win at blackjack with a system of this kind, you will have to stick with the basic strategy. In addition, you won't have to be greedy. As said before, this system would increase your bankroll in a safe manner, as long as you are not pushing your luck. In fact, Grind recommends the players to use the strategy only for three hands in a row. Here is a simple example about using this strategy:

Bet one coin on the first blackjack hand. If you lose this hand, you will have to bet another coin. If you are winning, you must activate the Oscar Grind blackjack strategy immediately. Bet two dollars after this winning hand. If you would win this round also, you will have to bet four dollars. The ideal scenario means that you would also win this hand.

This is the hardest part of the strategy, as the greediness of people would encourage them to bet more. However, the Oscar Grind strategy says that you should get back to the two coins stake. Even if you are losing this bet, you are a winner on the overall. If you would win this one also, don't get greedy by betting 4 coins again. Bet one coin and start your strategy once more.