Paroli Betting System

The Paroli system is based also on the principles of martingale. However, the Martingale system encourages you to bet more while you are losing, while the Paroli system tells you to bet more while you are winning. Here is a small presentation of the Martingale system and the improvements brought by the Paroli method.

The Martingale system

This system looks very effective in theory: bet 1 dollar on the roulette's red/black section. Let's consider that you are losing that bet. You will have to bet two dollars now. If you were losing this one also, you would need to recover a total of 3 dollars on the next hand. Therefore, you must bet 6 dollars on the third hand. If you would win this one, you would win 6 dollars, meaning that you recovered all the previous lost bets.

Don't rush to open an account just because you think you have found the perfect strategy. Calculate the sums needed if you are losing 8 times in a row, let's say. You would need to bet 10 000 dollars just to recover 1 lost coin. Furthermore, the maximum bets are capped to 20 or 100 dollars per game on the majority of online casinos, therefore you won't have the possibility to bet those high stakes even if your bankroll permits you.

Paroli Advantages

The Paroli system encourages you to bet the same way while you are winning. Start with the same bet of one dollar. If you win, you must place another bet of two dollars. Let's consider you are lucky enough to win again. Bet four dollars. Again, we have a winner. Let's bet 8 dollars and let's bring our scenario even further by considering that you are losing.

However, you won't have to take the scenario so far. The Paroli strategy also states that you should go back to the initial stake if you win three times in a row. This time, if you are betting 1 dollar for your fourth hand instead of 8, you will only loose that dollar, and you will remain with the earnings from the previous games.

Advanced versions

The Paroli system can be played with small bankrolls also. Moreover, some advanced players are applying it for bets having odds of 1:3 or even 1:6. Sure, you will have smaller chances to win, but if you win 3 hands in a row applying this strategy, you will surely be more than happy about the earnings.

Furthermore, you could also stop whenever you want, and you will still have some serious money to gamble in the next day.